Link resolver Base URL: OpenURL link resolvers, such as SFX, are systems that enable you to access the electronic full text of journal articles that your institution subscribes to or that are freely available. It therefore provides you with direct access to scholarly content. To benefit from this, the links behind each article title need to be directed to the individual institution's link resolver via its BaseURL. The information provider - in this case the Hot Articles service - adds the details for your chosen article to this BaseURL and sends it to the institutional link resolver, which in return links you to the article.
To take advantage of your institution's full text services please enter the BaseURL here. To find out your institution's BaseURL, please ask your librarian. The appearance of the BaseURL looks like depends on what system your institution is using. For the SFX link resolver the BaseURL looks for example similar to this:

Default subject: bX will return the articles for the default subject if the request to the bX API does not specify any subject.
Default locale: The default locale in which bX Hot articles tile will be displayed for the current hot articles user.
Default css link: The bX hot articles tile stylesheet can be customized by providing link to a user default css.